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Breaking Bad ended three years ago and is regarded as one of the greatest shows in TV history. So, it was nice to see Cranston step into the role again (and give us an I am the one who knocks reference). Speaking of Trump, SNL parodied him again with a skit called Through Donalds Eyes: Check out other highlights from the show below: Dating Show (Hook a Hunk): The Karate Teen: Read full article Rogue One is almost here, and if you want to throw together a last-minute costume for the premiere, weve got you covered. The anticipation for Rogue One continues to build as we creep ever-closer to the premiere. If youre looking for an outlet for all that pent-up energy, we might just have a solution. There may not be enough time for you to make yourself a screen-accurate costume ahead of seeing the film, but a quick closet costume can work just as well. So, grab your friends, divvy up the roles, and head to the cinema ready to take down the Empire. Or, you know, go as Krennic. Thats perfectly acceptable, too Heres our guide for some last-minute Rogue One costumes, utilizing as many items you may already have in your closet as possible.

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You can easily get through a chilly fall and cold winter with one pair of boots if you make the right choice. If I were calling the shots, everyone would have boots for the rain, maybe something for the snow, a good pair of Chelseas, and a wildcard thats more form than function meaning theyre practically useless in any element except a gram you can caption with a couple autumn leaves and muscle emoji. However, boots do exist that fill the middle section of a style and water resistant Venn diagram, and below, Ive listed three. Disclaimer: This compact list is not for people who are looking to gear up before they conquer Everest, so please dont @ me. If you just want to leave work on a rainy day without ruining your shoes or getting your feet wet, this is a mighty fine list. View gallery Photo: Danner The True-Blue Americana Option Danner has been around since the 1930s, and its classic style is probably exactly what youd think of if you were asked to imagine a hiking boot. The Mountain Light ($380) is completely waterproof and, as scenes of James Bond wearing the boots knee-deep in powder during the movie Spectre bear out, can easily handle snow. Its the kind of shoe rugged enough to get you to work in inclement weather, but good-looking enough that you wont feel compelled to change into something else once you arrive warm and dry at the office. Psst you can also get a pair that looks not as great, but similar, and has all the same functionality, on Amazon for about $150 less , depending on what size you get.

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What Trump should say to them View photos Donald Trump. AP Photo/Evan Vucci More By most accounts, Trump wants to spend this afternoon talking about creating jobs. Thats a discussion we needthe tech industry has both created and destroyed jobs in vast numbers, and the numbers havent balanced out evenly in many cities and states across the US. Trump not only can cut executives off when they start warbling on about disruption as a good in its own right, but hed also probably enjoy it. And after months of campaigning against shipping jobs overseas, Trump also has the standing to ask when the last time any of these companies didnt have outsourcing manufacturing as a default setting. (Yes, Trumps own businesses have done the same thing, but an inconsistency between his words and deeds hasnt quieted Trump before; he might as well make the most of it.) Amazons Bezos may get some particularly direct questioning, and not just because he owns The Washington Post. Amazon initiatives like the no-cashiers Amazon Go retail prototype and Prime Air drone delivery of packages suggest a particularly intense focus on getting human labor out of the loop. Tech executives do have good stories to tell about generating employment and what the government can รองเท้าผ้าใบ ราคาถูก do help. For instance, IBMs Rometty wrote in a USA Today op-ed that she will urge Trump to put more government funding into retraining workers for the skilled jobs her company has trouble filling. Given Trumps habit of denouncing environmental regulations , the jobs part of the discussion looks to be their best shot to talk up the green-energy opportunities theyve created by trying to drive data-center costs as low as possible .