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FILE PHOTO: Alabama Governor Robert Bentley speaks during a news conference in Mobile, Alabama July 2, 2012.  REUTERS/Jonathan Bachman/File Photo The House Judiciary Committee is scheduled to begin the process on Monday. Bentley, who is accused of using state resources for personal use, has denied any wrongdoing and has refused to step down, as demanded by top political leaders. Bentley's troubles began last year when recordings surfaced of him making suggestive remarks to a former senior adviser, Rebekah Mason, before his wife of 50 years filed for divorce in August กระเป๋า mango touch 2015. Bentley has denied having a physical affair with Mason, who is married. She resigned as questions about the pair's relationship began to dominate Alabama politics. On Wednesday, the Alabama Ethics Commission found that Bentley probably violated ethics and campaign finance laws. The Judiciary Committee's report on Friday accused Bentley of ordering state law enforcement officers to track down copies of an กระเป๋า zara embarrassing recording that suggested an affair with the Mason. It also accused him of retaliating against an official who discovered the relationship. The committee plans to begin its impeachment process on Monday. The panel's process would lead to a recommendation to the full House on whether to impeach. Bentley remained defiant at news conference on Friday.

Three sources, including an anonymous fashion industry insider and two bookers who have previously worked with Trump Models, told Mother Jones that they've heard the agency is on the brink of closing due to Trump's politics. Some current employees are looking for other work, while others have left to create their own agencies. "Yeah, it's closing," booker Virginie Deren, who works with a Paris-based firm that co-represents many Trump models, told Mother Jones in a recent interview. Another booker who previously worked with Trump Models and still works in the industry claims that current employees are getting in touch for employment opportunities. "They're allpretty much sort of scrambling to get out," the source told Mother Jones. There are still, however, many models listed on the agency's website, and it's not clear how many employees have left. Trump opened the agency in 1999 his first foray into the business side of fashion. In February, Refinery29 reported that various groups of people in the fashion industry, including casting directors, makeup artists, and hair stylists, were calling for a full boycott of Trump Models. More recently, a former manager at Trump Models left the agency to create his own, calling it Anti Management.Several former Trump Models have already signed with the new agency. Anti Management's founder, Gabriel Ruas Santos-Rocha, told The Washington Post he wanted his models to be "nurtured and treated fairly." He added:"I did not start an agency with the intent of taking someone out of business. Outside of that I have no comments." Trump Models has been under fire since 2016, when Mother Jones reported that the agency skirted immigration laws in bringing in young women who didn't have visas to work in the US. Business Insider also interviewed two former Trump models in February of this year.

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