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No Flash necessary and runs on all devices. 88597731 story on Monday January 16, 2017 @05:40PM from the two-in-one dept. A new patent has surfaced from Microsoft that may shed some light on the company's upcoming Surface Phone. The patent, which was first filed in October 2014 and recently made public, details a 2-in-1 foldable device with a flexible hinge that can act both as a smartphone and a tablet. TrustedReviews reports: The device in the filings can be configured into various shapes, either folded out like tablets, or folded back inwards to create a smaller phone-like handset. There's also the opportunity to place it in a tent-mode much like Lenovo's range of Yoga hybrids which can be propped up to make it easier to watch media. Microsoft has taken a universal approach to Windows 10, in that the OS is designed to work across multiple devices, so a Surface Phone that could transform into another mobile product would make a lot of sense in terms of demonstrating Windows 10s capabilities. The inventor of the product in the patent is listed as Kabir Siddiqui, the man behind Microsoft's successful patent for the Surface kickstand and Surface camera angle -- which bodes well for this latest design in the long run. Unfortunately, there's every chance we'll never see this technology in a retail-ready product from Microsoft, though some version of the foldable device could well arrive.

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The unemployment rate in Elliott County now stands at 11 percent, more than double the national average and one of the highest in the country. Many here have to drive an hour or longer to their jobs. Let down by Barack Obama, who didnt usher in the recovery the region needed, and angry at Clintons suggestion at a CNN town hall last year that a lot of coal miners would lose their jobs in years to come, many here were intrigued by Trump who vowed create jobs and be a president for those who felt abandoned and overlooked by the rest of the country. Appalachia is this forgotten area of folks within the country. And we wanna still be seen as viable. And thats not happening at all, Lewis said. But Trump seemed to be their unlikely champion, a New York billionaire who seemed to understand and care about the working people in a way that other candidates didnt. Lewis, who is 41, had recently moved back to Sandy Hook after years away. He had traveled the country, working to develop fuel and truck stops. But, unlike many here who had graduated from the local high school and never looked back, Lewis believed in his hometown, and he returned with his wife and kids, looking for the quiet, small town life hed enjoyed as a child.

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During the reported period, Ascena's Value Fashion division reported a decline of 6.0% in comparable sales, consisting of a drop of 7.1% at Maurices and a 4.6% drop in dressbarn. For the holiday period, comparable sales at Ascena's Plus Fashion segment decreased 3.7% with a drop of 5.1% at Lane Bryant stores, which was offset by a 1.6% gain in the segments Catherines unit. The Company's kids fashion brands demonstrated growth of 2.7%. David Jaffe, President and CEO, commented on the announcement: "We were disappointed by our overall Holiday performance. Outside of discrete peaks during the holiday season, we experienced stronger than expected store traffic headwinds. As a result, we were forced into a more highly promotional stance in order to move through inventory in the face of softer overall consumer demand. At this juncture, we are positioning our full year outlook assuming that the trend we experienced through Holiday continues. We continue to aggressively work our Change for Growth enterprise transformation, and are focused on expense management opportunities to help us navigate the challenging environment." Outlook The Mahwah, N.J. headquartered Ascena, which previously provided guidance for FY17, in September 2017, stated that excluding restructuring, acquisition and integration related expenses, and non-cash ANN purchase accounting adjustments, the Company now expects non-GAAP EPS of $(0.11) to $(0.08) for Q2 FY17, ending January 28, 2017.

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