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This tendency to reduce women to body parts, or what they wear, or what their hair looks like is not innocent, and its not something that we should just laugh off. Its a deliberate attempt to demean women, and we should speak out about it. Sturgeon is right. And according to Juliet Williams, a professor of gender studies at the University of California, Los Angeles , theres more than one way to evaluate the continued stereotyping and objectifying of women in the public eye today. One take, she says, is to say, Oh my God this is still happening.But another reaction has a crucial subtle difference: Oh look this never stopped happening.In other words, feeling shock at the treatment of women today is part of the problem, not part of the solution. This is 2017,whereonly three months in, two female world leaders were reduced by the media to an imagined catfight over who had better legs, a veteran journalist was told by the White House press secretary how she may or may not express emotion (and ask questions), the vice president said he wouldnteat alone with a woman who wasnot his wife, and a longtime congresswoman was mocked for her appearance (and the way her race played into that) by a (white, male) cable news talking head. Shock might not be productive, but its hard not to feel that way. What produces the surprise, which is this constant, which renews itself over and over again, is the lie that feminism has won and that sexism is over and that gender equality is a reality, Williams says. Only if youve bought into the first perspective that is, one of continued shock at the way that women are treated would you think that these headlines would be equally at home in 1950. Because the reality is, Williams explains, theres no reason why these headlines should seem in any way retro today. And this is perhaps whats scariest about the current state of gender politics. But Williams says that just because todays headlines show a continued diminishment of women and reinforce the notion that women are lesser than men doesnt mean that all hope is lost.

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