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Browns Are the New Nudes When It Comes to Beauty and Fashion for Women of Color

Mented Cosmetics is the brainchild of Harvard Business School graduates K.J. Miller and Amanda E. Johnson, and currently consists of nude lipsticks and nail polishes catering to women of color and our version of “nude.” Miller, who comes from a retail background, met Johnson at Harvard, from which they both graduated in 2014. Johnson, who has an investment banking background, said that the two women launched Mented last fall. “We knew we wanted to do a start-up together in business school. We just clicked,” explains Johnson. “And after school, we would meet up, and with my digital background and her retail background, we knew we were well suited for a company.” During a random conversation about makeup and beauty hacks, Johnson said they both realized that nudes for brown women were missing—and that’s how the idea came about. “There was something missing in the market for women of color when it came to nude lipsticks. It’s something that should be a part of every woman’s beauty routine, but it was missing,” Johnson said. After heading to Sephora to try to see what it offered women of color in nude—products that didn’t include manipulating brown lip liner and pink lipstick to make it happen—the women knew how important making a nude lipstick line was.

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