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Having higher market share than competitors, and therefore lower costs, enabled prices to be reduced and market share to be increased yet further. Competitors would make lower returns and become less interested in the market. If prices were kept sufficiently low, rivals might even be forced to exit the market altogether, increasing the leaders market share. BCGs system required client executives to think for themselves, based on BCGs ideas, rather than merely follow expert advice. Internalization of the ideas created the ability and commitment to implement them, and to adapt the strategy when circumstances changed. 3. Art The Boston Box lent itself to colorful, attractiveand simple visual presentations that made the concepts come alive and applicable to client circumstances. The elegance and simplicity of BCGs concepts were explained in Perspectives -- short, well-written tracts --and at CEO conferences held in luxury hotels. BCG simplified not only the consulting product but the process. Because they were simple, the consultancys ideas were easily taught to new consultants. And because the consulting was based on ideas, those consultants didnt need to have decades of experience.

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